Stuck in between

What do you do when it feels as though it’s time to move on? When you are ready to stop being low and looking for something to make your feelings and thoughts go away.. At least for a little while. I believe that there comes a point when you need to let go, in order to protect yourself from getting hurt. Ultimately in the end, you are the only one who knows what’s best for you and who can protect you. It’s such a tough situation.. It rips my heart strings when I know he’s out with someone else.. And that’s something, that I need to get over.. I know I’m out with friends and he feels the same way.. Maybe it’s this stage in our breakup. Once I get this sorted through, then I can start working on myself, again.. Just the past couple days it has been awful dealing with this.. Soon enough, the universe will work itself out.. If we are meant to be soul mates, friends, or anything, we will.. Because it will workout on it’s own. (: