2 steps forward; 1 step back

These past 2 weeks have seriously been the worst weeks I’ve had in a very long time. Starting it out my car ended up in a super big ditch. Lucky no one was hurt and my car ended up fine. It took 2 trucks and 45 minutes to pull my car out. Thank God for friends, right?

I also fell on the ice and busted my knee open. So it has been bruised and trying to heal up for almost a week now. Lastly, a super close friend of mine hurt me really bad. I’m not going to go into details, but I’m over it and I have a plan. I think I’m turning out to be crazier than I thought I was. I’m planning on brutally ripping his heart out of his chest. Its going to take months, but I’m going to make him wish I would have just killed him. Killing him would be way too nice. Putting him out of misery, I’ll pass. (:

I also passed my CNA test. I have an interview Tuesday and I know I’m getting the job. I’m so excited to be busting my butt for actually good money. I’m so tired of living pay check to pay check.. But do you know what? I’m doing it! On my own.

My ex told me once that I’d never be able to make it on my own, and that was buried into my head.

I am proving him wrong every single day! (: