Sweet and Sour Juice

So I got a juicer for Christmas. An Omega 8004 Jucier to be exact. I’ve only played around with it a couple times so far, and I love it. I’ve made apple and orange juice, and a frozen berry dairy-free ice cream desert. Tonight I made another concoction.
-2 oranges (peeled)
-1 lemon (peeled)
-1 or 2 handfuls of kale (washed)
-2 carrots (washed and peeled)
So I added the fruits and strained them for pulp, then added the rest. It came out a mixture tasting very sweet and sour. Almost too sweet/sour for me, especially considering I’m a salty addict. I drank half and I’m leaving the rest for my boyfriend, who’s taste buds like sweets and sours. I truly believe that this juicer will be the one to help my lose the weight I want and to make me a whole lot healthier. It just excites me to no end! Its so much fun to be healthy! (: Have a good night! -MHC




Weekly photo challenge: Joy! 20131227-214204.jpg

A lot of things bring joy to me, but my two baby cousins are always able to make me happy, no matter what! (: I mean, look at these faces and tell me that doesn’t bring happiness to you. ❤ -MHC

Bittersweet Client from who the heck knows!

I have been doing nails on a daily basis for seven months now, at really great salon in my town, and today I had the worst client ever. The bad part is that she was so sweet and kind. She has been diagnosed with C-Diff or Clostridium Difficile. Which is a very nasty and badly contagious disease. Look it up of you are interested. As I was doing her nails, she was telling me how she is no longer contagious because of taking antibiotics for over forty-eight hours (is not true). She has been using bleach to clean her hands (Which I am highly allergic to). So after our hour and a half appointment, I call my mom to ask her about it. Basically to sum it up, I had to scrub my hands AND my station at work. Ugh. Since she rescheduled with me, I now have to give her a little phone call and tell her I can no longer do her nails without a note saying she is no long infected. Its a very bittersweet feeling, because I really enjoyed her and she was so nice. It makes me want to just cry. On top of this, I woke up a runny nose and sneezing. So I’ve been dealing with that today also. The best part of my day was that one of my regular clients brought me homemade peanut butter fudge and regular fudge! I have been eating so many sweets lately that I set them on our break table, so that I wont eat them as much. (: I really need to stop with eating all of this junk.. Its not helping me feel better or lose weight.. So that was basically my day at work. Fun huh? Usually, but not so much today. Have a good night. -MHC


 “I never realized how much I loved being home unless I’d been somewhere really different for awhile.”- Juno

This explains me right at this moment. I am finally home, and in a handful of hours, my partner will be home from work and we will sort things out. I’m so relieved. Where you are accepted for who you are and who you want to be, that’s home to me. Where you can relax and be a ease. Within this weekend away, I realized the difference between what I want, what I need, and where I truly belong. I am the surest I have ever been in a long time, and that feels great. Just acceptances, understanding, and love, that’s all I need. Good night. -MHC

The Wants List

I made a list. A list of everything I want in my life. I’ve decided to share it, instead of keeping it to myself. From within my heart, here it is.

I want to be independent. I want to go places and do things on my own without the fear of being alone. I want to be able to talk about absolutely anything without being judged, hushed, or ashamed. I want to be able to be mature and take care of my business without being so darn serious all of the time (that’s what my forties are going to be for.) I want to be able to change and improve myself without changing my core. One day, I would love to own or co-own my own salon, marry the one love of my life, and possibly have children. I want to get out of this little town and go somewhere different, maybe bigger. I want to be fearless when it comes to change. Biggest of all I want to be myself, and be accepted and loved for who I am. Relationship wise: I want to truly be with my current boyfriend until death we part. But if we cannot be together because things don’t work out, I want us both to be happy. I want to be able to clearly communicate. I want there to be no one going to bed mad, upset, or hurt. I want everything to be open. I want words to always be listened to and explained if they are misunderstood. I want to have patience and understanding. Something I seriously need to work on. I want there to always be time for each other and our relationship to be our top priority, no matter what. Every problem is dealt with and every issue worked through. Whether or not compatible, I want to get along and have a mutual understanding. I want to enjoys youth and have fun. I want drugs and alcohol to never be a part of our relationship, ever. I want the past to be only the past and never used against anyone. Lastly, I want there to be love and caring. Just understanding, acceptance, and love.

Crying Myself To Sleep

I have never felt so alone as I do tonight. I absolutely cannot stand this.. Since I am a very selfish person, I have hurt the one I care most about..my partner, my best friend.. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be a good girlfriend and not hurt his feelings.. I know we clash.. And we don’t agree sometimes. We aren’t compatible.. We aren’t a match.. I believe things happen for a reason… What is the reason for this.. I end up back home at my parents, with my tail tucked between my legs.. And what is making me cry is that he doesn’t want me home.. He doesn’t want me there to bother him and to frustrate him.. Is it ridiculous that I miss him, to pieces and I hate myself for hurting him. I hate myself for not being a good girlfriend.. I care about him more than life, and I’m having to stay away for the weekend.. Maybe he is right, I’m way too over dramatic.. I’m a drama queen.. Everything is going to be okay.. We are going to get through this.. My parents ask whether I want to deal with all this fighting for 50 years.. I didn’t answer them.. Thinking about it.. I believe we are worth it.. I believe he is. If he is willing to, then so am I.. Ugh. Life can get so darn complicated sometimes. I have bills due that I can’t afford, not a dime to my name at the moment, and I’m not doing how well I want to be at work..I hate all of this.. I hate laying in a bed that I haven’t slept in for 7 months, and I hate being alone… I guess I’m just waiting for things to start looking up, whenever that happens..-MHC