Let me share this whole new world with you- Aladin <3

As I’m sitting here, waiting for my tea to brew, I cant help but to think over my life as it is right now.. Let me catch you up… Last week, I took a CNA class, all 40 hours of it. I learned everything I need to know to be a great CNA, and now the next 2 weeks I get to be taught how to be one, all 75 hours of it. Last night was my first night on the floor, and really, its not that bad. The nursing home that I’m working in isn’t all by the book, and I’m trying very hard to not let it eat me to the bone. Its nothing that I can’t change once I’m working independently. Most of the residents are great, of course there is some that are hard to take care of, but that’s anywhere. I’m just excited to broaden my own mind. No, I have not wiped a buttock yet. I have not fully gotten my hands dirty, but its coming. Soon enough, and I’m not rushing it. I’m very ready to be independent, so that I can do things the correct way, I just need to focus on everything I need to do so I don’t forget anything.

I have a theory, that its all mental and about where your mindset it. If you don’t care about something, you are not going to do your personal best. If you decided that no matter what happens, you are going to do what you can and get things done the right way, not the “easy” way, then you will. These are people’s lives we are talking about here! As a hairdresser/nail tech, if I mess up (except if I seriously hurt someone) I say, “Its just hair! It will grow!” But with elderly and residents in general (no matter the age) its their lives that are in our hands.

Figuring out the future is so difficult with so many factors involved. In seven years when I am twenty-six, no one has any idea what this world is going to be like. This Obama care will probably be gone hopefully be gone, and who knows where we will be or go by then. So trying to make a plan now is quite pointless, but being me, my mind is going to do it anyways. So right now, I have decided that I’m going to take one day at a time, to focus on the most important things, and to get through these 2 weeks, because after that I’ll be in Florida! Haha. Then I’ll be able to independently work on the floor and do things the right way. Pretty exciting, I’d say. Well, I’m off to put my face on and my scrubs.. -MHC