Untitled Rambling..

The loneliness has set in.. I miss being able to tell someone all of my thoughts and feelings.. I now am pushing everyone away.. I can’t take this stress anymore.. In 8 days, I’ll have a house.. Great, something to distract me from myself. Lately, I’ve been spending my free time alone. Yes, I still socialize but not like before. I can’t wait to have a stable place that I can call my own and where i can just breathe.. It’s hard to find the words to say to even talk. I can’t even count how many times I’ve wrote long texts and didn’t have the guts to send them.. It would be so much easier if they’d text me first.. Just to show that all those words of caring and love just a couple weeks ago, hasn’t disappeared.. I guess time is my only partner now.. But is it even on my side? I guess we will find out..


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