I’ve got potential..

I’ve never felt so distant from the world as I have these couple of weeks. I feel as though I am completely on my own, but in all reality, I’m not alone at all. I have a great friend who would do anything for me and a pretty great family. I know I am going overboard and I’ve been acting dramatic.. I have been eating nothing but junk.. Ive just done a lot of things that I haven’t done in 2 years.. and it feels great to not feel guilty or have to lie to anyone about it.. but I know it wont be like this forever. Its a phase. My ex has realized that he really cares for me and our relationship meant a whole deal of a lot, and in all honestly, it feels pretty damn great to have someone chasing me back. I’m just done with putting in effort when things just aren’t working out.

I have realized that him and I are two completely different people and want two completely different things in life. Our opinion on life is different and our feelings towards a lot of things are different too. It almost feels like when answering the question: Is the glass half full or half empty..  We are looking at two different glasses, two different worlds. Imagine that.


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