B is for Brave

This world. This world that we have made and have brought to life is ridiculously scary. So many people filled with carelessness and selfishness. We deserve an award for the most selfish planet in the universe, seriously. We had everything, but some how we always want more. We are never satisfied with what we have. The brave people are the poor-middle class families who go along with their own business, their own small jobs, and are decently happy most of the time, sort of. And if they try to live in a big city and try for a big job, 2 things happen. 1. They are ruined for life. They have the job, but now they cannot act like a poor-middle class person anymore, they have to act “better” than anyone else. 2. They do not get the job. They are completely made to feel worthless and no good. Humiliated and jaded.

Personally, that upsets me.It upsets me that since 1200, if not before that, money, wealth, is all that matters to anyone. The rich lived long and the poor tried to survive as long as they could. It’s quite a pity that our world is this selfish. Maybe it’s because I’m in the poor class. Maybe it’s because some days, I feel it would be so wonderful for me to live in a big city with a big hairdresser job, but most days, I don’t want that. Maybe it’s because most wealthy people spend their money on unnecessary ridiculousness, because they have to not only have “the part”, but look it and act it. Just a thought. Just an idea from a lower class young adult. -MHC


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