A is for addiction

You’d be surprised to know that the chemicals in foods and drinks are what make you addicted to them. The caffeine and high fructose corn syrup in soda and candy, not the food itself. So what am I addicted to? Chocolate. No ifs, ands, or buts. Its my to go item whenever I am stressed, sad, or in a sweets mood. I’m not one to go for the sour candies or chewy candies, except for Trollies or the generic gummy bears. They are pretty great.

I use to be addicted to Mountain Dew, and had to have at least one if not more every day. A year ago, I quite, cold turkey. The greatest choice I’ve ever made. The first week or so, wasn’t great, but I got through it. And now I’m free from it! I don’t have to have it everyday! Actually, I used green tea, sweetened with honey, as a substitute. It really helped, because it has a healthy dose of caffeine to kick the addiction to the curb. When you continue to put let say mountain dew for an example, your brain changes itself and adapts to make it think that you need this in order to survive. And certain chemicals hit your “feel good” sensors, and that’s how you become addicted. But eventually, you’ll need more and more of this chemical to make those “feel good” sensors feel satisfied.

Addiction its self is a strong word. Just look at it, it is filled with emotional problems and fear. It’s not a pretty word at all, I guess that I doesn’t help that it’s not a pretty definition too. Every single thing in this world can become addictive. Think to yourself, could you live without your phone? without the internet? Without the drink that you are drinking, as long as it’s not water? Or any unhealthy food you have put into your body this week? Can you live without Facebook or music? I want you to think about something that if you had to, you could possibly, maybe be without (not a necessity, like deodorant, water, or healthy foods. Something that you use daily, that’s not doing your body good or maybe doing your body and mind very bad. If you would go just ONE week without it, could you? I want you to do this. Just one week, see how you feel. If you are absolutely dying without it, then don’t go any further. If you are okay, do another week. Sometime in there, you’ll have craving sparks, don’t cave in. Drink water or eat an apple, which is full of natural caffeine. You should not be controlled by an addiction, by a chemical.

I am going to do this with unhealthy sweets, sours, everything. Chocolate, pizza, or anything that I know this isn’t the healthiest for my body. At least, I’m going to try. We will see how it works out cutting out cold turkey.

Thanks for listening. -MHC


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