Kissing In Cars

There is so much I want in my life. So many different things to be exact. I don’t want to be a generic hairdresser/nail tech. I want more. I want to do so many things before my time is up on this earth. I want to help people get through things. Get through hard places in their lives and live a brighter life. I want ever teenager who thinks so badly about themselves and hate their lives to feel beautiful and great. I want to save them from themselves.  As a teenager, I was in the dark. Think god I turned to music to help pull me out. It makes me want to pull me hair out whenever I think about this. I want to be more than this. I want to be someone to look up to, to relate to, and to turn to when needed. I guess I just want to be needed. Truly needed. -MHC

Title by: Pierce the Veil


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