26 Confessions

Daily Post: twenty-six

Twenty-six confessions about me (:

1. I’m awful at keeping routines.
2. I like exercising, but again, I cant make a routine of it.
3. Purple is my favorite color.
4. I don’t get easily bored, but I get bored with my life.
5. I’ve been trying to lose weight, but its been really hard and I always bounce back up.
6. Peanut butter and chocolate are my favorites.
7. I love green and black tea.
8. My boyfriend and I have been together since June 21, 2012<3
9. I'm in need of a second job. Taking a CNA class in March.
10. I don't talk to anyone from high school, except a couple cosmetology girls I graduated with.
11. I truly believe that the organization, TWLOHA, is the most amazing thing in the world, and it saved my life.
12. I think I want to adopt children instead of having them, because if lose this weight and get the body I want, no one is going to ruin it! (:
13. I don't eat out. Ever. I strictly haven't since June 2013, and I don't miss it. I could go on a rant about why, but I wont.
14. Sarah Dessen is my favorite author of all times, but Nicholas Sparks has my heart.
15. I like dark poetry.
16. Thinking about death scares me to no end.
17. My situation is tough right now because my boyfriend is trying to gain muscle why I'm trying to lose weight. So he eats a lot more and bad things, like frozen pizza, while I try to stay away form the junk, but its so hard.
18. I enjoy bicycling.
19. I wish I was more in control of my life..
20. Cosmetology is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
21. I like fruits more than any other food group.
22. Paramore is my all time favorite band, but Phillip Phillips has stolen my heart and soul with his songs.
23. If my boyfriend and I where to break up, my life would be turned upside, flipped around, and shook up. Everything would have to change.
24. I have never been able to trust anyone like I do him.
25. I sing very loudly in my car on my 7 minute drive to work every morning.
26. All I want in life is to change someone for the good, stop them from doing something bad or just make them happier with themselves.


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