Weekly Photo Challenge: juxtaposition
-“the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”


Most of the time, I’m very observant. I find myself catching things, like different colored socks or when a certain word is used multiple times by different people in one short period of time. The nail tech next to me says perfume in a sentence, the music that’s playing the singer says perfume and then the people walking by say perfume. Things like this happen constantly. It will literally drive me insane, if I let it. Life is full of things like this. Juxtaposition, is one of them. Just looking around my bedroom I see so many different ones. So many things that don’t belong in the same category, but can belong together. Above is my favorite one. A skull from Halloween, we had just sat there to give it a home to stay, and my beauty supplies: hair care, skin care, and smell good things. So totally different things, but they are pretty cute sitting on top of the shelf. It made me laugh finding it. Have a good day! -MHC


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