A bunch of New Years Winter Jumble..

The sounds of pong–pong–pong, echo through the house. My partner and I bought a Ping-Pong table, in the middle of the living room its been sitting since New Years Eve. A huge storm has come in today. About 16′ most have said it to be, and tomorrow’s temperatures are suppose to be below -25. Crazy. We went out to Walmart in it, and the roads weren’t bad with new tires and 4 wheel drive, on a Dodge Ram. Why would we go out in it they ask? Well, I guess we are old enough to know better and young enough not to care. I’m glad no one has to work tomorrow though. Tuesday will be a different story. Also, I have decided to change my lifestyle the best that I can. Using juicing as a supplement, and eating healthy foods. So no more late night pizzas and over portioned servings. Its my 2nd day of taking it seriously, and its very hard so far. I know that I will get harder, but then it will become habit, and that will make it easier. But you never know what’s going to happen in the future. I would have had no idea that I would still be with my partner and be staying with him every night. I cannot wait until we are married with our own house. It excites me to pieces to think about it and to listen to my partner talk about it. I know we have our problems, like every relationship does, but we both believe in it, and that’s all we need. Now to watch some Ping-Pong! Be safe out there. -MHC


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