Sweet and Sour Juice

So I got a juicer for Christmas. An Omega 8004 Jucier to be exact. I’ve only played around with it a couple times so far, and I love it. I’ve made apple and orange juice, and a frozen berry dairy-free ice cream desert. Tonight I made another concoction.
-2 oranges (peeled)
-1 lemon (peeled)
-1 or 2 handfuls of kale (washed)
-2 carrots (washed and peeled)
So I added the fruits and strained them for pulp, then added the rest. It came out a mixture tasting very sweet and sour. Almost too sweet/sour for me, especially considering I’m a salty addict. I drank half and I’m leaving the rest for my boyfriend, who’s taste buds like sweets and sours. I truly believe that this juicer will be the one to help my lose the weight I want and to make me a whole lot healthier. It just excites me to no end! Its so much fun to be healthy! (: Have a good night! -MHC



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