Bittersweet Client from who the heck knows!

I have been doing nails on a daily basis for seven months now, at really great salon in my town, and today I had the worst client ever. The bad part is that she was so sweet and kind. She has been diagnosed with C-Diff or Clostridium Difficile. Which is a very nasty and badly contagious disease. Look it up of you are interested. As I was doing her nails, she was telling me how she is no longer contagious because of taking antibiotics for over forty-eight hours (is not true). She has been using bleach to clean her hands (Which I am highly allergic to). So after our hour and a half appointment, I call my mom to ask her about it. Basically to sum it up, I had to scrub my hands AND my station at work. Ugh. Since she rescheduled with me, I now have to give her a little phone call and tell her I can no longer do her nails without a note saying she is no long infected. Its a very bittersweet feeling, because I really enjoyed her and she was so nice. It makes me want to just cry. On top of this, I woke up a runny nose and sneezing. So I’ve been dealing with that today also. The best part of my day was that one of my regular clients brought me homemade peanut butter fudge and regular fudge! I have been eating so many sweets lately that I set them on our break table, so that I wont eat them as much. (: I really need to stop with eating all of this junk.. Its not helping me feel better or lose weight.. So that was basically my day at work. Fun huh? Usually, but not so much today. Have a good night. -MHC


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