The Wants List

I made a list. A list of everything I want in my life. I’ve decided to share it, instead of keeping it to myself. From within my heart, here it is.

I want to be independent. I want to go places and do things on my own without the fear of being alone. I want to be able to talk about absolutely anything without being judged, hushed, or ashamed. I want to be able to be mature and take care of my business without being so darn serious all of the time (that’s what my forties are going to be for.) I want to be able to change and improve myself without changing my core. One day, I would love to own or co-own my own salon, marry the one love of my life, and possibly have children. I want to get out of this little town and go somewhere different, maybe bigger. I want to be fearless when it comes to change. Biggest of all I want to be myself, and be accepted and loved for who I am. Relationship wise: I want to truly be with my current boyfriend until death we part. But if we cannot be together because things don’t work out, I want us both to be happy. I want to be able to clearly communicate. I want there to be no one going to bed mad, upset, or hurt. I want everything to be open. I want words to always be listened to and explained if they are misunderstood. I want to have patience and understanding. Something I seriously need to work on. I want there to always be time for each other and our relationship to be our top priority, no matter what. Every problem is dealt with and every issue worked through. Whether or not compatible, I want to get along and have a mutual understanding. I want to enjoys youth and have fun. I want drugs and alcohol to never be a part of our relationship, ever. I want the past to be only the past and never used against anyone. Lastly, I want there to be love and caring. Just understanding, acceptance, and love.


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