The Man In The Moon

On nights like this, even when my boyfriend is away at work, I still have a friend. I only trust a small handful of people in this evil world we have been born into, so I do not talk to many. On lonely nights, the man in the moon is my best friend. Even if I can’t see him, he is there. I can spill my guts and he wont point a finger. He listens without eruptions and allows me to give myself the best advice. He places no judgment, makes no excuses. He always has the time for me, and never becomes annoyed at my rambling. Nothing I say is ever hushed into silence or ignored. On theses nights, he sits patiently and listens.  Almost everyone needs someone to talk to, whether it be an animal (real or stuffed), another object of liking, or an actual human being. It makes them feel better, no matter the situation. Its not crazy or weird, I know this because, every human does it. Everyone needs to feel wanted, to feel needed, and to feel loved. -MHC


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