From My View

I think it is so.. Weird everything on this planet works. The sun evaporates water on the earth, that condensates and creates a cloud. When it gets heavy enough, the water falls, this is rain, snow, sleet, or jail, depended on the temperature as it drops. The winds, it’s one of the only things that you can not see move! But it moves things or you feel it move. The earth rotates, this creates a whole bunch of things. I just find amusing, weird, maybe even incredible.. Just how nature works itself. I wish humans could do this. Work beside one another without a government, without control. They would know what’s right from wrong, and would stick to it. They wouldn’t have the urge to murder, let alone do it.. The whole Adam and Eve doesn’t answer any of this, at least not for me. I don’t want to know who, I want to know how and why? I need real answers, not future promises. This is just how I see things.. I am not the type to judge someone for their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or views. So if you’re reading this, I just ask for you not to judge me. Thanks. -MHC


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