Daily Prompt: Unexpected: Unexpectedly, you lose your job. (Or a loved one. Or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?

After hearing walking out of the room, leaving my last goodbye to linger on, I kept walking. My walking turned into running. Running out of the hospital entrance, running through the parking lot, and out into the street. Down the street I allowed my feet to pound the pavement. I didn’t stop until I reached the park. Two miles later, I fell to my knees in the damp grass. As I took in the smell of the trees and the grass, I sat, shocked. This is the moment that I finally allowed myself to cry, to let it all pour out, and to mourn. Moments later I gathered myself in my own arms and started the journey home. For the next couple months, I learn how it is to live alone without your partner. I still continue to go to work. For the next year, I find my independence and slowly regain mild contact with the rest of the world. His clothes remain in the closet, dresser, and laundry basket. My love for him will forever linger even as the years go on. I realize that no one would ever compare to my lost lover, and no one will be able to try. I buy some pets, and maybe spend a night or two a month with a friend. I live lonely, because I know my love, my partner, is still with me, forever.


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