Who are the real monsters?

When I was small, my aunt would play this game with my cousin and I. Out of nowhere she would ask silly questions like..

what if your ear was your belly button and your belly button was your ears?

This would send us, ages 8, into hours of giggles and creativity.

What if your nose was your elbow?

Ten years later, when I think back, I ask myself, what makes that such a funny game? Is it because things that are abnormal to us are too ridiculous that’s it’s funny? Is it because things that are what we know as “normal” are the only way it can be? What comes to your mind when you read this?

What if your eye balls were your toesies?

Monster? Abnormal something? Cannot be human? Us humans judge so quickly. My partner works as a male CNA at a nursing home that takes in any kind of age people who are sick with things like schizophrenia, etc. If people like that were out on the streets, in stores, doing what we do, they would be judged. It takes certain special people to take care of them and make them feel loved. Most humans cant do it, they just drop some of these “kids” off and leave them for life.. They are so filled with what is suppose to be normal.. What’s right and wrong.. They don’t have open minds. They say you don’t use even close to half of your brain, but some people don’t even try to expand what little they use of it.Humans might as we’ll be robots. They look up to government and society to fix all of their problems and to teach them “knowledge”. They continue to reah everyone the same. They continue to put chemicals into our “food” and say that’s it’s healthy. They put preservatives in pit food so that it never goes bad for years, to save money.. Theses same chemicals is what’s giving is cancer and other deadly diseases.

They say, fight for a cure. I say, prevent the disease!

Is it really that hard? Then producers have to go through paper work and pay extra just to make organic food, but these GMO plants, don’t have to so anything extra to put chemical in our food! Humans are greedy and selfish. They say monsters are abnormal and evil.. I think us humans are the real monsters.



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