It doesn’t matter how hard I try.. It doesn’t matter how many miles I run or how many reps I lift, I cannot stay motivated. I get into these waves of laziness and carelessness. They say

Motavation is what starts you and habit is what keeps you going.

But I guess I can’t find the habit to keep going! Maybe someday Someday, somehow I will figure this out, because this is what I want. I absolutely love lifting weights, I love feeling my muscles flex. I love running and feeling my legs burn. I love that I’m losing the weight I want when I try.. I’ve lost 20lbs in a year, just think how much I could have lost if I would’ve stuck to it. I’m not going to allow myself to become heavier. I need to find the motivation in myself. I’ve come way too far to turn back now. (: -MHC


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